Wellness Screenings

Semmes Pharmacy provides wellness screenings, free of charge, to all patients with state insurance, local government insurance or PEEHIP.

We can also provide wellness screenings for those without this insurance but there is a charge. Please call us for more information.

Want to get a health checkup without going to the doctor? We offer onsite health screenings that allow you to get more information on your health without having to make a trip to the doctor.

More Information for SEIB Members

More Information for LGHIB Members

More Information for PEEHIP Members

Not covered under state, local government or PEEHIP Insurance? You can still get your health checked at Semmes Pharmacy.

Wellness screenings range in price from $10-$50. We offer a variety of screenings, including the following:

  • Blood pressure
  • Blood glucose (sugar)
  • Cholesterol
  • BMI

Our highly qualified staff can provide these screenings to give you more information on your health, health goals, and ways to reach those goals. Speak to one of our staff members to learn more about our health screenings.

About Employee Wellness Screenings

We are contracted SEIB, LGHIB and PEEHIP Wellness Screening providers. We can perform your employee wellness screening in 10 minutes here at Semmes Pharmacy. Our tests are used to evaluate blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, BMI and more.

Screenings are performed by Appointment